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Virtual Manipulative
SMART board
Additional Resources
N9.1 Demonstrate understanding of powers with integral bases & whole number exponents

Exploring Laws of Exponents - Video
Exploring Laws of Exponents 1 - Video
Powers Review
N9.1 Demonstrate understanding of powers...
showing repeated mult

powers game
exponents ppts
mega penny proj
Rational Numbers
N9.2 Demonstrate understanding of rational numbers including: comparing and ordering
fractions and decimals

Square Roots
N9.3 Demonstrate understanding of square Roots
Square Root Calculator

Who Wants to Win a Million


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Virtual Manipulative
SMART board
Additional Resources
Linear relations
P9.1 Demonstrate understanding of linear relations...
Table of values/graph
Review graphing ordered pairs
Algebra Balance
Function Machine
Equation of the Line
Sequence of Figures
Ordered Pairs
Linear Inequality

Linear Equations Video - Learn AB
Linear Equation Test

Solve linear equation
P9.2 Model and solve situational questions using linear equations...
Model with alge-tiles
Algebra tiles
Tables and chairs problem

Matching Graphs to Equations
Understanding Linear Equations
Graphing Linear Equations
Linear inequalities
P9.3 Demonstrate understanding of single variable inequalities...
Linear Inequality Graphing Tool
Graphing Calculator

Solving inequalities (interactive)
Simple Linear Inequalities
Polynomial multiplication
P9.4 Demonstrate understanding of polynomials including...adding, subtracting,
multiplying & dividing
Algebra tiles - applet
Algebra Tiles

Working with Alge-Tiles Demo
Think of a Number
Adding & Subtracting
Connecting Math Learn AB Video

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Virtual Manipulative

Circle Geometry
SS9.1 Demonstrate understanding of circle properties including...inscribed angles...central angles
Circular Geoboard
Circle Properties
Central Angle Circle Properties
Perpendicular Bisector
Circle Geometry

Circle Zone - Learn AB - Video
Interactive Circle Lesson
Surface Area
SS9.2 Extend understanding of surface area
Constructing 3D Shapes

Surface Area VS Shape & Size
Scale factor
SSP.3 Demonstrate understanding of similarity of 2-D shapes.
Similar Triangles & Polygons
Scale Factor

Similarity & Congruence Learn AB
Rotational symmetry
SS9.4 Demonstrate understanding of line and rotational symmetry.
Rotational symmetry animation
Symmetry 2
Mirror Tool

Ex. of Symmetry
Rotational Symmetry
Ex. of rotational Symmetry
Practice Questions


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Virtual Manipulative

Additional Resources
Stats & Probability
SP9.2 Demonstrate understanding of collection and display and analysis of data through a project

Exploring Election Data - Learn AB
Exploring Data Collection - Learn AB
Swivel - explore data
Stats Canada
Olympic Stats
NHL Player Stats
Baseball Stats and History

SP9.4 Research and present how First Nations and Metis Peoples, past and present, envision, represent and make use of probability and Statistics

Counting Sticks
Stick Dice
Stick Flipping
Stick Guessing

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Virtual Manipulative

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Math Videos
Problem Solving
Online Rubrics for mathematics problem descriptors

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